Police hunt teen almost hit by train after running across tracks for 'joke'

17 October 2019, 18:49

Pyle Station

By Megan White

Police are hunting for a teenager who narrowly missed being hit by a speeding train after he ran across the tracks as a joke.

The youth was seen with three friends at Pyle Station in South Wales before he jumped down on to the railway line.

He jumps up onto the opposite platform just seconds before a train passes through the station before raising his arms in a victory motion.

His friends then join him on the platform, appearing to fist bump him for the dangerous move.

The incident took place around 11.15pm on Tuesday October 8.

British Transport Police are now appealing for witnesses to get in touch to help identify the group.

Inspector Mike Edwards said: “The railway is a highly dangerous environment and anyone seeking to trespass on the line is not only committing an offence but are risking their lives.

“This footage is deeply concerning, quite frankly I am surprised our officers were not called to a fatality that evening – this young man was seconds from tragedy.

“Trespassing is no joke and we urge people to respect the railway and its dangers.”