Polish ambassador writes to Poles in UK: "Seriously consider the possibility of returning to your homeland."

18 September 2019, 05:35

Arkady Rzegocki, Polands ambassador to the UK
Arkady Rzegocki, Polands ambassador to the UK. Picture: PA
EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Poland's ambassador has written to more than 800,000 Poles who live in the UK encouraging them to seriously consider returning to their homeland after Brexit as an "alarmingly low level" apply for settled status.

The Ambassador who has represented Poland since 2016, wrote that his country “regrets” Britain’s departure from the bloc.

More people from Poland have applied for settled status than any other European Union nation so far, as of August, nearly 154,000 Poles applied, followed by 125,500 Romanian and 106,000 Italian citizens.

Ambassador Arkady Rzegocki said: "This is an alarmingly low level, meaning that thousands of Polish citizens may be exposed to complications related to the lack of regulating their status."

He said: “I also encourage you to seriously consider the possibility of returning to your homeland.

“The rapidly growing economy of our country creates more and more opportunities for citizens for development and good living conditions in the country.

“Soon, Great Britain, which has been home to thousands of Poles for generations, will most likely cease to be a member of the European Union – which we regret, but we also see this process as an opportunity to strengthen the bond between our two countries.”