Priti Patel: Police will deal with 'egregious' Covid Christmas rule breakers

17 December 2020, 08:56 | Updated: 17 December 2020, 16:53

Priti Patel says police should deal with 'egregious" rule breaches

By Kate Buck

The Home Secretary has urged Brits to have a "small and safe" Christmas, and said police will deal with "egregious" rule breakers over the festive period.

Speaking with LBC's Nick Ferrari, Priti Patel said she "wasn't going to go there" when asked if the public should call the police if their neighbours break Christmas bubble rules and have too many people round for the holidays.

"I think the public have exercised great judgement throughout the year when it comes to following the regulations, I would urge everybody when it comes to egregious breaches, that what people report.

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"When you talk to the police, that's when they say they public are calling them, where there are flagrant breaches, egregious breaches which puts public health at risk."

When pushed the the matter if "one extra grandma or uncle" would warrant the police being called, she added "we do not need to get involved in that", and insisted the government has been clear about household bubbles over Christmas.

Home Secretary: Clear guidance is in place covering Covid Christmas rules

She also reminded the nation to enjoy a "safe and small" Christmas and said her own plans were lowkey this year, in line with the advice.

"There is guidance whether you are in Scotland, Wales or England in terms of how to spend Christmas and we are clear, a household bubble of no more than three over a five day period," she told Nick.

"But ultimately I would say have a safe and small Christmas. Christmas is a special time for so many of us, stay safe, keep it small and keep it local."

On her own plans for the festive season, Ms Patel said she was having "a very very small and restricted Christmas."