Police condemn protester seen relieving himself near memorial for Pc Keith Palmer

13 June 2020, 17:19

Police and protesters clashed in central London today
Police and protesters clashed in central London today. Picture: PA

By Asher McShane

The Chairman of the Met Police federation has condemned the actions of a protester seen relieving himself on a wall next to the memorial to Pc Keith Palmer.

Pc Palmer died in the line of duty while protecting Parliament from a terrorist attack on March 22, 2017.

As protesters took to then streets of central London today, one individual was seen relieving himself next to a plaque honouring the Pc. Tensions were flaring in central London today with rival protests groups taking part in action amid a national debate over the protection and desecration of historical monuments that developed following Black Lives Matter protests.

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Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation Ken Marsh said: “I am absolutely sickened to see these images. How very sad that a human being has chosen to do that. It’s just disgusting.”

MP Tobias Ellwood, who tried to save the life of Keith Palmer, posted online: "Absolute shame on this man.

"Of all the images to emerge over these few testing days I find this one of most abhorrent. Please help identify him."

In other recent protests in London, Black Lives Matter activists targeted London landmarks with anti-racism slogans.

A statue of Winston Churchill was daubed with the words "was racist" under his name, leading to it, and other London historical monuments, being boarded up to protect them from further damage.

Last Sunday, Black Lives Matter protesters in Bristol pulled down a statue of a 17th century slave trader - and pushed it into the city harbour. It was later pulled from the water.