School principal tells Eddie Mair today's A-Level results were 'worst in 14 years'

13 August 2020, 17:41 | Updated: 13 August 2020, 19:26

School principle says today's A-Level result were 'worst in 14 years'

A school principa; has told LBC's Eddie Mair the results day fiasco today is a "dog's dinner", and has resulted in his college's worst A-Level results in 14 years.

Tim Fisher, headteacher Principal of Queen Elizabeth's College in Darlington said the grades given by the government today in no way reflect the hard work of his students or what their predicted grades had been.

Results in England were based on teachers' assessments, with those predictions being put through an algorithm to ensure grades are put at the school's normal level.

In Wales, they still have AS level results to use from last year, something that Michael Gove scrapped during his time as Education Secretary two years ago.

"This is my fourteenth results day as Principle, and the first thirteen went really well," Mr Fisher told Eddie.

Queen Elizabeth's College in Darlington
Queen Elizabeth's College in Darlington. Picture: Google

"Unfortunately this one has been quite unlike any other ive known before for a very simple reason.

"We expected things to be a little bit different this year of course what we did not expect was a set of results which in no way reflects either the abilities of our students or the centre assessed grades that we submitted or the historic record of the college.

"So it's been a disturbing day."

He continued: "It's been a bit of a dog's dinner really, what with the recent introduction of the notion of mock results being used and then no real definition of what a mock actually is."

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