Son of murdered nanny claims Lord Lucan is living as Buddhist in Australia

29 January 2020, 09:23

Neil Berriman claims he knows the whereabouts of Lord Lucan
Neil Berriman claims he knows the whereabouts of Lord Lucan. Picture: PA

By Asher McShane

The son of the nanny killed by Lord Lucan has claimed he has found the peer hiding in Australia.

Neil Berriman told the Mirror that Lucan was in hiding living as a Buddhist in a shared house.

Lucan vanished in 1974 following the murder of Sandra Rivett in 1974.

Mr Berriman has informed police in Australia of the finding.

He told the paper: “I know he’s still alive.”

The man believed to be Lucan is said to be seriously ill, virtually housebound and in his mid 80s.

Sandra Rivett was found murdered in 1974
Sandra Rivett was found murdered in 1974. Picture: PA

Mr Berriman, 52, has also informed Scotland Yard’s Cold Case Unit of his findings.

He has urged police to look seriously into his claims adding: “They will now have to investigate this properly.”

Lord Lucan disappeared after the murder of Miss Rivett at the family’s home in Belgravia, London on November 7, 1974. He would have turned 85 last month.

Police believe he attacked her with a taped-up piece of lead piping after mistaking her for his wife.

Lucan’s marriage to Lady Veronica Lucan had collapsed and the couple were in the midst of a custody battle over their three children.

The mystery of his disappearance has remained for 46 years.

Mr Berriman, who lives in West Sussex, said: “He has been alive all this time. Lying about who he is. Lying about it to his new friends.

“They are fully aware he is a mystery elderly Englishman and not who he is claiming to be.

“The people he lives with know he has a mystery past and what he tells them does not add up. They have had their suspicions for many years.

“Lucan is a deceitful conman and he is the man who murdered my mother.”