Time-lapse video shows 'unbelievable feat' of the creation of NHS Nightingale London

3 April 2020, 12:35

The hospital is open to take patients from today
The hospital is open to take patients from today. Picture: NHS

By Asher McShane

This time-lapse footage shows the “incredible” feat of the construction of the NHS Nightingale hospital in London which is now ready to treat coronavirus patients.

The construction of the hospital, with 4,000 beds to treat patients, was described as an “unbelievable feat of work” by Prince Charles.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said “history will remember this moment” and thanked “every single person involved and every NHS worker” at the hospital.

The hospital was created at London’s ExCel centre in under a fortnight. The time-lapse video shows the huge logistical effort involved in creating the facility.

London, with its population of around 9million people, is the worst place for the spread of the disease in the UK.

London accounts for a third of deaths in England with 706 in total, correct as of Thursday April 2.