Tommy Robinson flees UK to 'relocate' abroad as he 'doesn't feel safe'

29 July 2020, 12:24

Tommy Robinson flees abroad claiming his family are 'no longer safe in the UK' following arson
Tommy Robinson flees abroad claiming his family are 'no longer safe in the UK' following arson. Picture: PA
EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Tommy Robinson the English Defence League founder has claimed he has been forced to leave the UK because his family "no longer feels safe."

The far-right activist posted a video online to his followers saying he left ‘straight away’ following an arson attack on his wife’s home.

Robinson claimed to have fled the county after the alleged attack which he had not revealed to his supporters.

He said: "There’s something I haven’t told everyone, I had an incident quite a few weeks ago with an arson.

"I do have the video of everything, it was targeted against my wife’s property, and at that point we left the country straight away.

"I’m look at relocating my family which is pretty hard to do, especially with Covid. We couldn’t even find a hotel.

"Obviously my wife has had enough of everything. Someone has given us somewhere to stay so we

Mr Robinson said he has arranged new schools for his daughters, adding: "I'm still in the process of finding a permanent relocation for them."

He added: "I need my family to be away because they are not safe basically."

During the video Mr Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, refers to a recently imposed 14-day quarantine, leading to speculation he may be in Spain.

Bedfordshire Police said it did not have a record of house arson linked to Robinson's family, but had received a report of a car being set on fire in June, without providing further details.

Mr Robinson claimed the alleged incident took place following his comments denouncing Black Lives Matter protests sparked by the death of George Floyd in the US.

The activist has said that the UK’s new quarantine rules imposed on Spain mean he’s not able to fly back for a planned appearance at a protest on Saturday.