UK coronavirus death toll rises by 155 to 44,391

7 July 2020, 18:22

UK coronavirus death toll at 44,391

By Maddie Goodfellow

Another 155 coronavirus deaths have been recorded in the UK, bringing the official total to 44,391.

This figure includes deaths in hospitals, care homes and the community, as recorded by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).

There have been a further 581 new cases of coronavirus reported in the past 24 hours, with a total of 286,34 cases in the UK currently.

Todays death toll is exactly the same number as last Tuesday, but less than the 171 deaths reported on the Tuesday prior to that.

It comes after a new low death toll of 16 yesterday, the second lowest since recording began.

The lowest was 15 deaths on Monday 22 June.

The death toll for England currently stands at 39,815, with 2,488 deaths in Scotland, 1,534 in Wales and 554 in Northern Ireland.

England reported 36 new deaths in hospitals, Wales has three, Scotland recorded one and Northern Ireland had no new deaths.

The UK death toll currently stands at 44,391
The UK death toll currently stands at 44,391. Picture: PA

Every region in England recorded at least one new death, with the highest total in the North West (14) and the lowest in the South West (1). 

- North West: 14

- London: 6

- Midlands: 5

- North East and Yorkshire: 5

- South East: 3

- East: 2

- South West: 1

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However, the latest ONS data suggests the true death toll could 55,398 as of yesterday.

The ONS numbers include deaths based on death certificates mentioning Covid-19 as a cause and the latest available data, including suspected cases.

The ONS said: "The disease has had a larger impact on those most vulnerable (for example, those who already suffer from a medical condition) and those at older ages.