VJ Day flypast: Where and when can I see the Red Arrows?

14 August 2020, 21:52

The Red Arrows perform their display at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire
The Red Arrows perform their display at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire. Picture: PA

By Megan White

The Red Arrows are set to complete a flypast across the UK on Saturday to mark the 75th anniversary of VJ Day.

The iconic aircraft will take to the skies in their first full national flight since the 2012 Olympic Games.

But what is VJ Day and where will you be able to see them?

What is VJ Day?

VJ Day marks the anniversary of Japan's surrender, which brought an end to the Second World War.

The commemorations will pay tribute to the service and sacrifice of the thousands of Armed Forces personnel, civilians and family members who contributed to victory in the Far East, and recognise the horrors they endured.

Britain suffered 90,332 casualties in the war against Japan, of whom 29,968 died, 12,433 of them being prisoners of war.

Veteran recalls his experiences on VJ Day in the Far East

Where are the Red Arrows flying?

The Red Arrows will be completing a flypast across the UK, starting at RAF Scampton at 10.45am before heading north towards Scotland.

In their second stint, they will take off from Prestwick at 1.45pm, before heading across the Irish Sea, ending up in Cardiff in Wales an hour later.

Later in the afternoon, they will take off at 5pm before flying over Somerset, Wiltshire, and Berkshire, before passing over the capital and Essex and returning to RAF Scampton.

See below for a full run down of where and when they will be passing over towns across the UK.

The VJ Day services will be lead by the Prince of Wales
The VJ Day services will be lead by the Prince of Wales. Picture: PA

What else is happening to mark the anniversary?

This year's commemorations will start with the sound of lone pipers playing Battle’s O’er at sunrise at HMS Belfast in London, the haunting tune will form part of a tribute called Waking Up to Peace and will also be heard at dawn in India, Australia, New Zealand and Nepal.

Later that morning there will be a national moment of Remembrance with Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall leading a memorial service at the National Memorial Arboretum Staffordshire, which starts at 9.30am.

The televised service, hosted by the Royal British Legion, will see a two-minute silence followed by an RAF flyover.

Town criers across the country will read out the Cry for Peace, and from 11.10am participating churches will ring a single bell 75 times

Throughout the day, tributes will be held across the country. Large screens will show a photo montage of living veterans, including the Duke of Edinburgh, who was on HMS Whelp in Tokyo Bay when the Japanese surrender was signed.

The National Army Museum will host a series of online debates and talks over the next few days, and at 2pm on Satuday there will be an online debate looking at the roles of the military on land, sea and air during the Far East campaign.

Later on in the day, a remembrance service, VJ Day 75: The Nation’s Tribute, led by the Duke of Cambridge will be held at Horse Guards Parade.

The televised service will see famous faces such as Hugh Bonneville and Sheridan Smith perform key moments from the conflicts, and veterans will read tributes.

Red Arrows perform flypast to mark Armed Forces Day

When and where will I be able to see the Red Arrows?

Morning Red Arrows flypast route

Scampton - 10.44am

Lincoln - 10.46am

Horncastle - 10.48am

Keyingham - 10.52am

Biller Howe - 11.00am

Over the sea near Newcastle - 11.08am

Berwick Upon Tweed - 11.16am

Over the sea near Eyemouth - 11.19am

Over the sea near St Andrews- 11.23am

Over the sea near Longniddry- 11.28am

Over the sea near near Prestonpans- 11.29am

Edinburgh - 11.29am

Edinburgh - 11.30am

Prestwick - 11.39am

Afternoon Red Arrows flypast route

Prestwick - 1.43pm

Dunure - 1.45pm

Over the sea near Ballantrae- 1.50pm

Over the sea near Cairnryan- 1.51pm

Over the sea near Portpatrick- 1.52pm

Over the sea near Islandmagee- 1.53pm

Whitehead - 1.55pm

Over the sea near Greenisland- 1.57pm

Belfast - 1.58pm

Lisburn - 1.58pm

Ballyrune - 2.00pm

Over the sea near Ardglass - 2.05pm

Porth Dinllaen - 2.21pm

Broad Water - 2.25pm

Mynydd - 2.31pm

Rhyd-y-fro - 2.34pm

Cantref Resr - 2.37pm

Cardiff - 2.41pm

Cardiff - 2.43pm

Over the sea near Cardiff- 2.44pm

Cardiff - 2.45pm

Evening Red Arrows flypast route

Take off from Cardiff – 5pm

Over water – 5pm

Berrow, Somerset - 5.04pm

Evercreech, Somerset - 5.08pm

Melksham – 5.11pm

Hullavington, Wiltshire - 5.13pm

Purton - 5.15pm

West Stowell, Wiltshire - 5.17pm

West of Newbury - 5.20pm

North of Overton, Hampshire – 5.21pm

Arborfield Garrison, Berkshire - 5.24pm

Weybridge, Surrey - 5.27pm

Richmond - 5.28pm

Chelsea - 5.30pm

Danbury, Essex - 5.35pm

Hawkedon, Bury St Edmunds – 5.39pm

Barkway – 5.43pm

Ashwell – 5.44pm

Shuttleworth – 5.46pm

Folksworth, Peterborough – 5.50pm

Peterborough – 5.51pm

Donington – 5.54pm

Heckington – 5.55pm

Rowston – 5.57pm