'We need a liar and a cheat': Caller explains why he voted for Boris Johnson

16 December 2019, 17:42

A caller who voted for Boris Johnson said he believes the a "liar and a cheat" is what the country needs.

Usually a Labour voter, Jeff in Basildon voted Conservative for the first time in over 30 years and told LBC's Eddie Mair that while he isn't a fan of the Prime Minister he believes Mr Johnson is the best person for the country.

Asked about his shift to becoming a Conservative, he said: "I've seen some myself taking the red pill and I think I've woken up to a lot of things which I didn't realise what wasn't quite correct.

"I think I've actually turned right wing... and I'm not a fan of Boris Johnson, he's a liar and a cheat, but perhaps that's what we need."

Boris Johnson won over many life-long Labour voters in the election
Boris Johnson won over many life-long Labour voters in the election. Picture: PA Images

He continued: "He is a good leader. I'll give him that. And he's very affable again and he comes across well.

"I did vote for Maggie Thatcher back in the day as a one off when I was very young, but ever since I've voted for Labour.

"I believe in Brexit and a Canada-style trade agreement and if he delivers his promises on the NHS and everything else I will vote for him again."