Wheelchair user outraged after bus driver tells her to do a "wheelie"

27 September 2019, 09:35

Hollie-Anne Brooks
Hollie-Anne Brooks. Picture: PA/Hollie-Anne Brooks

By Patrick Hildred

A wheelchair user is calling for 'real change' in how disabled passengers are treated on public transport, after being told to 'do a wheelie' to board a bus.

Hollie-Anne Brooks, 30, says it happened when she was on her way home from the University of Essex, in Colchester.

"As I got on the bus, and the driver put the ramp down, he made some comment about doing a running jump and a wheelie to get on the bus so he didn't have to put the ramp down," she told Global's Newsroom.

"I then told him that the comment he'd made was really offensive, and he basically had a massive go at me, said don't I have a sense of humour, started rolling his eyes."

Bus operator First Essex says an investigation into the accusation will be undertaken urgently.

But Hollie-Anne wants all transport companies to look at how they work.

"I think what I really need to see happen is real change across the board, this isn't just for First Essex, this is on public transport across the whole of the country.

"We need to call it out more.

"We need to understand that it's not acceptable and that we are well within our rights to tell people when they've made offensive comments or when their service just isn't good enough."