Anna Soubry clashes with die-hard Corbyn supporter who wants the UK to be like Cuba

29 December 2019, 15:24

Anna Soubry disagreed with a regular caller who wants Corbyn to remain leader and for the UK to be more like Cuba.

Tony, a regular caller, said that working class people voted Conservative because of the "war on Jeremy Corbyn" by the media.

He disputed allegations that Jeremy Corbyn sympathised with terrorists.

Soubry said: "That's his background and his history."

She questioned Tony on whether he thought anti-Semitism allegations were made up or not.

Soubry wasn't satisfied with his answer.

She said: "So Luciana Berger made it all up when she left the Labour Party because of the anti semitism that drove her out?"

Tony said: "If you really believe that Jeremy Corbyn is anti-Semitic ad he supports terrorism that it about as valid as saying Margaret Thatcher was a member of the Communist Party. This is media war against the opposition."

When asked who he wanted as Labour leader, Tony said he wanted Jeremy Corbyn.

He said: "I'll still want him as a leader."

Anna Soubry clashes with die-hard Corbyn supporter over whether socialism works
Anna Soubry clashes with die-hard Corbyn supporter over whether socialism works. Picture: LBC

The conversation moved on - and he said: "I believe socialism works perfectly. It's not allowed to work because the wealth of this country is created by the people."

Soubry asked where socialism exists in the world.

He mentioned Cuba.

He said: "Cuba, free healthcare, free education, more doctors per capita, infant mortality rate beats United State."

Soubry said: "Are you actually saying we should be like Cuba?"

The pair continued to disagree.

Soubry concluded the call, saying: "You might be stuck in a bit of a time warp, Tony."