Matthew Wright in furious row with caller over Colin Pitchfork release

20 June 2021, 11:22

Matthew Wright's heated row with caller over Pitchfork release

By Seán Hickey

Amid news that one of Britain's most notorious rapists can be released from prison, this caller demanded he stay in a cell for life.

The parole board has announced that after about 30 years behind bars, double-murder and rapist Colin Pitchfork could be released. Christine phoned in to Matthew Wright to insist that the convict should remain jailed for life.

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She confronted Matthew: "Would you feel ok if a female member of your family encountered Colin Pitchfork somewhere?" He argued the case that the caller should have faith in the state correctional system.

"Is he going to attack her?"He countered, before noting that "only 0.5%" of released serious offenders go on to reoffend.

"You haven't got any examples of people attacking people after thirty years in prison," he argued.

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The caller maintained that "there have been cases" of released felons going on to replicate their offences, although she admitted she couldn't remember a specific case.

"Psychopaths are very cunning and manipulative" she went on suggesting that Mr Pitchfork could very well offend again.

"The fact that he was released for a few days and walked the streets and didn't murder anybody, that's because he's looking long-term."

Matthew refuted the arguments of the caller, asking "what about the rule of law, what about handing down a sentence in the court of law and sticking by it?"