David Lammy's Passionate Statement On The Duty Of An MP

24 March 2019, 17:48 | Updated: 27 March 2019, 20:30

In his response to a caller who questioned the motives of pro-EU MPs, Labour MP David Lammy gave an impassioned speech on what he believes is the duty of politicians in Westminster.

Caller Paul acknowledged the "unacceptable" abuse that some pro-EU MPs have received but questioned the motive of politicians who are campaigning against the result of the referendum.

Independent MP Anna Soubry revealed that her family were targeted with serious death threats after repeatedly speaking out against Brexit when her constituency voted to leave.

She told Andrew Castle that she was unable to go home for the weekend as a result.

But the criticism of motives spurred a passionate speech by David Lammy in which he explains the duty of politicians.

David Lammy gave a passionate speech on the duty of politicians
David Lammy gave a passionate speech on the duty of politicians. Picture: LBC

Speaking on LBC, he started: "Edmond Burke said many century's ago that an MPs duty is as a trusted representative, not an unthining delegate.

"The job of a member of parliament is not just to float then with the wind of public opinion, our duty is to do what we think is right.

"And so when I calculate, and yes it happens to the case that 72% of my constituents voted to Remain, but what I'm basing my judgement on is how is it going since that decision was made.

"What are the prospects for my constituents and the economy?

"What will the tax take of our country be in a faltering economy?

"Who will lose out under no-deal?

"Wow will Britain survive outside the European Union?

"I believe colleagues in parliament will make other assessments based on their constituents, but it seems to me that the central problem has been about how we leave and there hasn't been any consensus on how we leave.

"So for all those reasons, it seems to me that you've got to give it back to the people."

Watch his passionate response in the video above.