'My daughter died after her ambulance failed to turn up': Emotional caller warns against NHS strike

15 November 2022, 16:10 | Updated: 15 November 2022, 16:12

Sangita hears from a caller who doesn't think that the nurses should strike

Melissa Fleur Afshar

By Melissa Fleur Afshar

This emotional caller has reached out to Sangita Myska, warning against the NHS nurse's strike, after being haunted for 30 years by his daughter's death after an NHS ambulance failed to escort her to a radiotherapy session amid strikes.

"If the nurses go on strike, even with all of their goodwill to say that people will be looked after, there will still be misses and accidents," Alan from Broxbourne in Hertfordshire told Sangita Myska.

As nurses across the nation gear up to begin a period of strikes, many fear that the shortages in staff and services from the industrial action could negatively impact patients and their families.

"I don't think that the nurses should strike and the reason being is a personal one," revealed Alan.

Alan lost his daughter in 1992 to oesophageal cancer, and a slip-up to her radiotherapy routine due to strike action has left him worried about how the pending strikes could impact current NHS patients.

"In 1992, my daughter lost her life," said Alan.

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"The ambulance service went on strike, but they guaranteed that the patients that were required to attend hospital every day would be looked after and they wouldn't miss any treatment."

In an exchange with Sangita, Alan shared that during this time his daughter had been undergoing radiotherapy at North Middlesex University Hospital and that there had been one day that her designated ambulance never arrived to take her for routine treatment.

"She did miss one day of her treatment which they had guaranteed that they wouldn't miss," said Alan.

Instead of opting for strikes, Alan suggested that the dispute over pay should be "settled by negotiation".

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"Out of a duty of care, ignoring the politics of it all, I do think that nurses shouldn't strike," said Alan.

When questioned by Sangita on whether he feels sympathetic to the nurse's cause, Alan explained that he understood their desire and need for fairer wages, but that striking could lead to more harm than good.

The nurse's strike is expected to run from the end of the year until May 2023, after a historic ballot result.

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