Tearful caller shares her experience of anti-Irish racism

21 December 2019, 09:05

The caller said that Stormzy's comments about the UK being racist ignore the fact that Irish people have experienced racism too.

The caller, Margaret, responded to Stormzy's comments that the UK is definitely racist.

She said: "I'm not quite sure why people seem to think that racism is just against black people. When the Irish people came to live in this country, and I came here in '69, I walked the whole length of Uxbridge Road in Shepherds Bush before we were able to find a room."

The caller spoke about how there is so little recognition of what the Irish people have done.

Tearful caller shares personal experience of anti-Irish racism
Tearful caller shares personal experience of anti-Irish racism. Picture: LBC

She then thanked the people of the Windrush Generation, who she went to church with, who "had the courage to stand up".

Margaret said she fears for the future.

She commented: "There is nothing enshrined in law to protect Irish people."