'No Accident': Unnecessary infected blood transfusions on me aged eight led to my Hepatitis C nightmare

21 May 2024, 12:15

'No Accident': Unnecessary infected blood transfusions on me aged eight led to my Hepatitis C nightmare
'No Accident': Unnecessary infected blood transfusions on me aged eight led to my Hepatitis C nightmare. Picture: LBC/Getty
  • Stuart McLean was given contaminated blood as a youngster after wrongly being diagnosed as a haemophiliac
Stuart Mclean

By Stuart Mclean

Hi, I am Stuart Mclean 54-years-old, when I was an 8-year-old child I was taken to the hospital for a swollen knee, I had NO bleeding disorders like Haemophilia or Von Willebands disease.

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I was given 12 transfusions of 3 different blood products including the deadly Factor V111, my parents wasnt told it was deadly and neither was I.

I was used as a PUP ( a previously untreated patient ) used as a trial, for research.

I was given them for 3 days running, this medicine was meant to treat me, but in the end would cause more damage than it fixed.

Twelve times I was given blood products that had infections crawling within it and then injected into my juvenile veins.

It was unnecessary and cruel when I didn’t have the condition that this professional claimed, I was a healthy, young boy who was pointlessly defiled by the decisions of doctors and the government.

Thirty-five years later I found out the true cost of this catastrophe aged 43, I had been infected with Hepatitis C.

I was called by a consultant for an appointment because she was worried because of my treatment as that 8-year-old child.

I then went and got my medical records and all through them there it was, the whole cover-up of what they did, all jaundice the secret testing for things like HIV, and Hep B all without my knowledge, it was a horror story that led me to a motorway bridge where I nearly ended it all.

As the infected blood inquiry comes to a close with the delivery of its final report we can finally see a step towards justice that has been long awaited.

Thousands of people have campaigned just for acknowledgement of the wrongdoing that has occurred, the bare minimum any human expects.

An overwhelming flurry of emotions came as Sir Brian Langstaff and his team worked tirelessly to deliver the result that thousands had been frozen in anticipation for.

A relief! He had prevailed in the face of all adversity, he claimed “it was no accident” and no one else could have fulfilled his role with as much integrity and sensitivity.

The recommendations did, as highly anticipated, suggest a compensation framework.

But to the relief of many, it went on to suggest changes in the integral structure of the NHS, putting disclosure and transparency at the heart of government organisations. Furthermore, it was suggested that a memorial be constructed as a continual reminder of the biggest treatment disaster in the history of the NHS.

Finally, one of the biggest successes of the recommendations was that all infected persons receive multi-disciplinary, non-judgemental treatment delivered by experts.

There is one question that remains, what my doctor did as the report says “was a cavalier disregard for my safety."

This doctor should be brought to justice in my eyes for the attempted murder of an innocent child, Andy Burnham calls it corporate manslaughter, and victims are calling it murder and attempted murder.

Those feeling distressed or suicidal can call Samaritans for help on 116 123 or email jo@samaritans.org in the UK. In the US, call the Samaritans branch in your area or 1 (800) 273-TALK

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