The Lib Dems’ darts piggybacking is desperate and embarrassing, writes James Perkins

3 January 2024, 12:40 | Updated: 3 January 2024, 13:01

The Lib Dems’ darts piggybacking is desperate and embarrassing, write James Perkins
The Lib Dems’ darts piggybacking is desperate and embarrassing, write James Perkins. Picture: Alamy/LBC

By James Perkins

Returning from Ally Pally, I see that the Liberal Democrats are at it again.

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In their latest stunt, they’ve bizarrely demanded Sky Sports waive their rights to the World Darts final so we can all watch it on the BBC.

Whoever came up with this idea has absolutely no understanding of the sport.

Their justification? "The country is gripped by darts fever and the spectacle of a 16-year-old Brit becoming world champion.”

Because it’s a Brit who’s doing well, it needs to be free for everyone? That’s not how this works! There’s never been a World Darts Championships without a Brit in the final.

Should Rob Cross vs Phil Taylor have been free to air? A historic game involving two Brits - a debutant vs the greatest ever in his last professional match? Of course not.

And I’m no Sky luvvie, but they’ve helped make this sport. Without Sky, darts wouldn’t be what it is.

They’ve essentially invested millions and millions into this moment. They’re finally about to be rewarded with their payoff. But they should give it away for free because some brainiac at Lib Dem HQ has seen a few tweets about Luke Littler?

It’s illustrative of what the Lib Dems have become. They jump on the back of any cause and shout from the sidelines, knowing they’ll never have to be the ones to implement it.

If you think that Ed Davey would be demanding this game be given to the BBC if he were in power, you’re laughing.

In reality, the Lib Dems have no real ideas.

They offer nothing but gimmicks like a Public Toilet Fund or a ‘Santa Clause’ to protect reindeer - and we know that any actual policy idea (like scrapping tuition fees) will be abandoned if they ever fluke their way into power.

For Sir Ed Davey to try and convince us that he’s some sort of dart fanatic is as disingenuous as his photoshoots watching England at the World Cup.

If you’re so desperate to watch your first ever game of darts, Ed, go and watch it in the pub for God’s sake.