Revealed: LBC Uncovers The True Extent Of School Bullying

4 September 2017, 07:10 | Updated: 4 September 2017, 08:10

LBC’s landmark investigation shows the devastating affect bullying has on mental health - with one in six bullied children revealing they had suicidal thoughts.

More than half of children say they have experienced bullying at school, according to an exclusive poll carried out by the charity The Diana Award for LBC.

More than 60% of school children that have been bullied, have suffered so severely it made them feel depressed.

16% of bullied children said they had suicidal thoughts, while 14% self-harmed.

Amongst those who had been bullied, 36% was physical bullying, 83% was verbal bullying, and 41% was indirect bullying.

In this video, Alex Holmes from the Diana Award explains how their anti-bullying campaign is aiming to help children.

The impact can be devastating and next week LBC will look at the long-lasting physiological affects that occur.

In the video above, some of the children LBC has spoken to recall their harrowing experiences of bullying.

One child says: “The worst part was going home and seeing what all these people had said about me.

“It’s not like I could just go home and come back to it tomorrow when I go back to school, it was my life at one point.”

Another added: “It felt like I couldn’t escape, it was everywhere I went, everyone I looked at they were looking at me, laughing at me.

“It just made me feel really hopeless and I could tell people were talking about me behind my back, saying: ‘I’m a loser’ and other really cruel stuff that no one should have to hear.

“In the end I just wanted to curl up in a dark room, in a corner and never come back.”

LBC’s Back To School Week focusing on children's mental health, starts today (Monday).

- If you are affected by bullying, you can get help from the Anti-Bullying Programme from The Diana Award.