Children Risk Lives By Playing On Level Crossing In Shocking Footage

31 August 2017, 16:22

A shocking video has been released which shows children risking their lives by playing on a level crossing.

It’s been released by Network Rail to raise awareness about the dangers of misusing rail crossings.

During the nine days of monitoring at the site in St Albans, Network Rail recorded over 300 incidents of deliberate misuse and four near misses.

The video shows children using the railway tracks as a balancing beam and others purposely stopping in the middle of the level crossing.

Priti Patel, head of safety for the London North Western route at Network Rail, said: “We are concerned about repeated dangerous behaviour at Cotton Mill Lane level crossing and the number of near misses that have been recorded.

“We cannot stress enough the danger cyclists, pedestrians and motorists are placing themselves in when they don’t use a crossing safely. A split second decision can have life changing consequences, not only for those involved, but also for their family and friends, train drivers and railway workers.

"Please - never take chances when using level crossings and if you have any concerns always contact Network Rail or British Transport Police."