A Three Minute Guide To Staying Fit And Healthy With Limited Time

14 June 2018, 16:26 | Updated: 14 June 2018, 16:39

Keeping fit can be a struggle when you’re always busy - so we got a personal trainer to explain how you can reap the benefits of exercise within a small amount of time.

A healthy lifestyle has been proven to not only improve your physical health, but your mental health too.

Scientist believe being active can help with mild depression, and there's evidence showing it can also help protect people against anxiety.

It doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in the gym - there are plenty of other activities you can take part in too.

Personal trainer Matt Roberts explained how your exercise routine should be broken down into three areas.

Matt Roberts
Picture: LBC


You’ve got to get your heart rate going three to four times a week.

That means getting out of breath by taking part in activities like running, a spin class or even playing football - but make sure you stick to something you enjoy doing.


There’s no point lifting weights if you’re not feeling challenged, Matt says.

“The last 10-15% of your reps should be hard, just about doable.”


Stretching is just as important if you want to avoid injury.

Matt recommends stretching the major muscles (chest, hamstrings, quads and back) every day - even if you haven’t exercised.

Nowadays we seem to be surrounded by adverts for health products, but do you actually need to drink things like protein shakes?

Those looking to build up their muscles do need to increase their protein intake, but this can come from foods - and your body can only absorb so much.

“By taking on endless chickens, eggs and whey protein you’re putting more strain on your gut, kidneys and liver,” he said.

“At the right moment, yes it can be appropriate but my concern is by consuming so much of one type of food category all we’re doing is getting people focused on missing out on the other things we’re meant to achieve in a diet.”

... and if you're a complete novice starting out - Matt has some handy advice for you in the video below: