Jeremy Corbyn Tells The Tories: It’s Time To Govern Or Go

9 November 2017, 13:13 | Updated: 9 November 2017, 18:38

Jeremy Corbyn has told LBC it’s time for Theresa May’s government to “govern or go”.

The Labour leader said his party were “ready” and “willing” to take over as he slammed the Conservatives during an interview on Thursday.

His comments come less than 24 hours after Priti Patel resigned as International Development Secretary after it was revealed she held unauthorised meetings with Israeli politicians in August.

In her resignation letter to the Prime Minister, she said her actions “fell below the standards of transparency and openness that I have promoted and advocated”.

Last week, Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon also stood down from the Cabinet following allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour.

Reacting to the news, Mr Corbyn said it was time for the Prime Minister and the Tory government to step-up or step aside.

He told LBC: “This Government seems to be losing ministers frequently, it doesn’t seem to be able to show up in Parliament and vote on Opposition motions and hides behind the procedures of Parliament.

The Labour leader continued: “Surely, it’s time for them to either govern or go.”