WATCH: The 2017 John Lewis Advert, Featuring A Farting Monster Called Moz

10 November 2017, 07:42 | Updated: 10 November 2017, 07:49

John Lewis has released its highly-anticipated Christmas advert - and you can watch it in full right here.

This year's advert features a farting monster called Moz who lives under a young boy's bed.

The song playing is a Beatles classic, Golden Slumbers from the album Abbey Road, re-recorded by Elbow.

It has been directed by Oscar-winning screenwriter Michel Gondry, the man behind Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Meet Moz, the star of the new John Lewis advert
Meet Moz, the star of the new John Lewis advert. Picture: John Lewis

Details of the commercial have been kept a closely guarded secret, with the only prior clue being a short teaser clip. The social media video showed a bug-eyed monster alongside the hashtag #UnderTheBed.

Any journalists who had been shown the ad were made to sign a secrecy agreement.

Last year’s advert featured a trampoline-loving dog called Buster and captured the heart of the nation.