Litter Warden Chases And Tries To Fine Woman £75 For Emptying Her Shoe

28 March 2018, 13:19 | Updated: 28 March 2018, 18:09

This is the moment a council litter warden tried to hand a woman a £75 fine for emptying the debris from inside her shoe on to the floor.

The woman was allegedly chased for 10 minutes after she was spotted by the officer from private company Kingdom Security Services.

The warden claimed the woman, who was with two young children, had dropped “plastic” from inside her shoe on to the ground.

After being pursued, the woman claimed she had “done nothing wrong”, while the child could be heard saying: “Go away”.

She’s warned she could face a £2,000 fine or the police would be called.

Eventually the warden gives up after the "litterer" seeks refuge inside a friend’s house.

Woman is almost fined for emptying the contents of her shoe on to the floor

The incident was recorded by an undercover ITV journalist who spent a week secretly working for the firm.

The journalist said: “The lady just took her shoe off and emptied it. It could have been anything, a stone a leaf. I didn't see it as being fair.

"We were in a car following her, watching her and she didn't know we were doing that. I didn't feel comfortable with that, I wasn't comfortable at all.”

Kingdom has contracts with local council across the council.

A spokesman from the company said: "Kingdom are a privately owned company who provide excellent value to the taxpayer through the return of substantial funds to the local authority.

"To ensure a direct benefit to the taxpayer, it is correct that there is an expectation that an amount of fines need to be issued to make the project viable."