WATCH: Flybe Pilot Has Passengers In Stitches With Hilarious Pre-Flight Speech

28 November 2017, 14:40

A Flybe pilot left passengers in hysterics with this very entertaining pre-flight speech.

The amusing announcement was recorded onboard the flight to Devon from Guernsey.

The pilot pretended to mistake his destination for Palma, Majorca and even quipped about having his maps the right way round.

David Williams managed to capture the hilarious speech on his phone, which he said put all the passengers at ease before take off.

Picture: PA

At one point the unnamed pilot said: “We've been looking at the maps, we think we've got them the right way round. We think we should head right after take off.

"Hopefully somewhere along that route there will be an airport called Exeter.

"Luckily for you lot I've done my flying for the day, it wasn't pretty so I'm going to refrain from that for the rest of the evening."

Before handing over to his his co-pilot, the captain joked: “At Flybe we pride ourselves in employing some of the very finest cabin crew this industry has to offer, but I'm sorry to say they're all on annual leave.

"Zoe and Leanne are here to clap and sing their way through the Flybe safety demonstration which is going to amuse and entertain you - once they're done with that they'll put their clothes back on, equipment back in the lockers and we'll get underway.”

Mr Williams, 20, a factory worker from Ilfracombe, Devon said it was the "best pilot announcement ever".

“I really enjoyed it,” he said.

Picture: SWNS

“Unfortunately I couldn't record the first announcement when we were getting on the plane when he told passengers from the previous flight not to tell the new passengers about ‘the interesting flight, we don't want to scare them’ - He was joking of course.

"I think all announcements should be like that. It's makes the pilot human and helps anyone on the flight who has had a bad day to feel better.

"It's a perfect example of customer care and hospitality. It's shows that the pilots and Flybe care."

Watch the hilarious moment above.