Woman Films Moment Cyclist Stops In Street To Sexually Harass Her

21 November 2017, 13:11 | Updated: 21 November 2017, 14:31

A woman has managed to catch on camera the shocking moment a cyclist stopped to make remarks about her breasts in broad daylight.

The footage, recorded in north Brisbane, Australia, was shared on social media to warn others in the area.

It begins with the camera pointed at the floor as the woman walks along the street.

Out of nowhere, a man can be heard saying casually: “Nice set of boobs you’ve got”.

As the camera turns to the culprit - a helmet-wearing cyclist - the woman replies: “Sorry?”

But, the man appears unfazed as he repeats his comments again, telling her: “Nice set of boobs you've got”.

The stunned victim responds: “Is that right? I just videoed you saying that.”

However, the cyclist still doesn’t back down.

Rather than apologising he brazenly asks the woman how her day is going, adding: “Your husband lives on the corner doesn’t he?”

After the incident the video has been posted on a community Facebook page.

The post asks anybody who may have had encounters with the man to come forward.