LBC’s Biggest And Most Explosive On-Air Bust Ups Of 2018

21 December 2018, 13:57

LBC's biggest on-air bust-ups on 2018
LBC's biggest on-air bust-ups on 2018. Picture: LBC

From Brexit, Israel to vegans - LBC is not shy of having a big on-air row, and this year was no different. Here are some of the most explosive bust-ups of 2018.

Iain Dale Loses It With Caller And Brands Him A "Blithering Idiot"

Iain Dale is not one to mince his words, and that was certainly proved during this explosive LBC row.

Nigel Farage Receives Call From LBC's Angriest Remainer

The face of Brexit Nigel Farage often takes calls from disgruntled Remainers, but this man was definitely the angriest ever to phone LBC.

James O'Brien's Brexit Call Labelled The Funniest (And Scariest) Yet

James O'Brien is known for dismantling caller's arguments live on-air. On this remarkable occasion he spoke to a Brexiteer who voted leave because his foreign neighbours are "rude".

The Caller Who Says England Should Lose World Cup Because Of "Black Players"

World Cup fever swept the nation this summer, but Kevin Maguire was left incensed when this caller said he wanted England to lose because the team has “black players”.

LBC's Brexit Debate Gets VERY Heated As Ian Dunt Clashes With Suzanne Evans

LBC is not shy of a good ol’ Brexit debate - hower this one featuring ex-Ukip deputy chair Suzanne Evans and journalist Ian Dunt was particularly memorable.

Nick Ferrari Rages At Caller: "Never Ever Listen To This Show Again"

After this caller declared the IRA bombings of innocents as "collateral", Nick Ferrari told him to "never ever listen" to his show again.

Maajid Nawaz Slams Vegan Protester For Showing Graphic Images To Four-Year-Old

Maajid Nawaz got very, very angry at a vegan protester who said she would show rape and beheadings to a four-year-old.

LBC Brexit Row Descends Into Chaos As Leave Voters Turn On Each Other

One very angry Brexit voter accused the other of being a "Remoaner in disguise" - and it was both hilarious and explosive.