The Top 10 Moments From Maajid Nawaz 2018

21 December 2018, 12:53

The top 10 moments from Maajid Nawaz 2018
Picture: LBC

Here are the top 10 moments from Maajid Nawaz this year.

1. Is The Phrase "Whiter Than White" Racist?

Maajid thought it was "ludicrous" that a senior police officer was accused of racism for using the phrase "whiter than white" as he encouraged responsible policing.

2. The Labour Party Is Now Institutionally Racist

Amid an ongoing row over anti-Semitism, Maajid Nawaz delivered a damning explanation as to why he believes the Labour Party could be considered institutionally racist.

3. Maajid Nawaz Calls Out Caller As "Disgusting Anti-Semite" After Heated Exchange

Maajid cut off this "disgusting" caller who made anti-Semitic remarks while attempting to defend Jeremy Corbyn.

4. Gay Men Makes This Caller So Angry

Maajid Nawaz responded to a caller who admitted he gets himself angry at gay men.

5. Maajid Nawaz Slams Vegan Protester For Showing Graphic Images To 4-Year-Old

Maajid Nawaz gets angry at a vegan protester who said she would show rape and beheadings to a 4-year-old.

6. Caller Accuses Maajid Of "Trying To Impress White People On The Radio"

A caller told Maajid that he was just "trying to impress the white people on the radio" during a heated exchange on women not being able to divorce their husbands without his permission under sharia law.

7. Caller Claims To Know More About Article 50 Than Man Who Wrote It

Maajid Nawaz was left in hysterics when a caller tried to convince him that he knew more about Article 50 than the man who wrote it.

8. Jewish Caller In Tears At Being Made To Feel Less Than British

This was the remarkable moment a Jewish caller whose family has lived in Britain for hundreds of years broke down in tears when she said she was made to feel less than British.

9. Caller Wishes Hell Fire On Maajid, But Is Definitely "Not Angry"

A caller who wished the 'bottom of hell fire' for Maajid Nawaz had a difficult time convincing him he wasn't at all angry over the Marks and Spencer hijab row.

10. "I Gave The Man A Hug I'd Been Waiting To Give For 25 Years"

Maajid managed to track down the hero who was stabbed and beaten for defending him from racist thugs 25 years ago.