This Caller Thinks A Hard Border In Northern Ireland Is Inevitable

3 March 2018, 08:43 | Updated: 3 March 2018, 08:49

This caller thinks the Prime Minister is being deliberately vague about the possibility of a hard border after Brexit.

In a key speech this week Theresa May said: "It is not good enough to say 'we won't introduce a hard border in Northern Ireland; if the EU forces Ireland to do it, that's down to them'."

But Kim from Keynsham, who has family in Northern Ireland, believes Theresa May purposefully didn't address the issue in her speech.

Kim told John Stapleton: "I think the ambiguity was because we are going to see a hard border".

"The feeling over there right now is that politicians don't want to keep the Good Friday agreement in place.

"They want a hard border".

Do you agree? Watch the full call in the video above.