How To Listen To Podcasts: A Simple Guide To Podcasting

12 October 2018, 14:57 | Updated: 30 October 2018, 11:25

Iain Dale recording his Book Club podcast
Iain Dale recording his Book Club podcast. Picture: LBC

There are thousands of podcasts that you can listen to for free right now on almost any topic in the world - and hearing them couldn't be easier. Here is our guide to podcasting.

Listen on your iPhone or iPad

Downloading podcasts on your iPhone or iPad is very simple. The Apple Podcasts app is built in to all devices, but there are also many other free apps you can use, such as Overcast and TuneIn.

On the Podcasts app:
- Click the Search magnifying glass in the bottom right-hand corner.
- Search for the podcast you are looking for, such as The Best Of James O'Brien or Iain Dale's Book Club. You could also click on Browse to look at some of the featured podcasts.
- Click Subscribe. New podcasts will then be downloaded to your phone automatically when they are released.
- If you don't want to subscribe, you can simply click on an episode to play it.

Listen on your Android phone

You can use the Google Podcasts app to listen to downloads.
- Go to the Play Store and search for Google Podcasts. Alternatively, simply click on this link to the download Google Podcasts app.
- Once installed, use the search box to find the podcasts you want, such as The Best Of James O'Brien or Iain Dale's Book Club.
- Choose your desired podcast and tap on it to get to the podcast's homepage.
- You will then see a list of the most recent episodes. Tap on one to play it.
- If you tap Subscribe, all new episodes of the podcast will automatically be downloaded to your phone.
- You can also find podcasts in the Google Search app, simply by searching for the name of the podcast.

A woman listens to a podcast in a cafe
A woman listens to a podcast in a cafe. Picture: LBC

Listen on your computer

It's not quite as easy to listen to podcasts on your PC, but it is still possible.
- The best way is to find the website of the podcast you want, such as this page for Iain Dale's For The Many.
- Find the podcast player and identify the episode you want. Click play and you can listen to the podcast.
- Not all podcasts will have a player on their website, but you can still listen by downloading iTunes or Spotify and going to the Podcast section.

What Podcasts Should I Listen To?

There are thousands of podcasts available to download - and they are all free.

See some of the best podcasts in LBC's Guide To Podcasts.