Heartbroken father cries for daughter who "fell through cracks" of A-level grading

15 August 2020, 09:09 | Updated: 16 August 2020, 14:43

A-level fiasco that's destroyed daughter's university chances

By Seán Hickey

This caller shed tears for his daughter on air, because the A-level grading algorithm downgraded her so she cannot go to university.

Alex believed that "the Scotland method is the only way to go forward," in marking the exams of those who appeal, and told Andrew Castle that it's well and good to bring up the grades of 12% of students but it leaves too many behind.

He explained that his daughter stayed back to resit her exams this year and the pandemic has knocked her chances of getting into her choice of university this year. "It'll be two years until she can go to college," he told Andrew.

The caller said that her teachers claimed she should have gotten an A in one of her subjects and are sending letters to back up her appeal.

Alex was distraught, and wept while asking Andrew "what do I tell her this morning, I listen to the news morning noon and night, what do I tell her?"

This caller was heartbroken that his daughter was downgraded in her A-levels
This caller was heartbroken that his daughter was downgraded in her A-levels. Picture: PA

The caller told Andrew that his daughter wanted to go to Bristol, but cannot get in on a C grade.

"She worked hard all this year," Alex said, and was saddened that she was "denied to take the exam," and as a result has "fallen through the cracks."

Andrew tried to reassure the caller, by commending him for his work as a father.

"The positive for you surely, is the greatest predictor of success in later life is whether parent's around a child are available and care." Andrew added that Alex's daughter will be fine because she has a caring and loving father.

Alex ended the call by calling out the Prime Minister. "Boris, hang your head in shame," he said.