Ann Widdecombe Was Surprised Amber Rudd Didn't Think There Would Be Deportation Targets

28 April 2018, 17:11

The former shadow Home Secretary told Andrew Castle how she was surprised when Amber Rudd said there we no specific removal targets.

Amber Rudd is facing criticism for not knowing there were deportation targets, saying she hasn't seen a memo that was leaked to the Guardian suggesting she did.

The row has split opinion, with some senior opposition MPs calling for her resignation.

A former Tory shadow Home Secretary told Andrew Castle that a Rudd resignation would make Theresa May "very weak."

But Ann Widdecombe was surprised that the incumbent Home Secretary didn't think there would be targets because "most government agencies and departments are based on targets."

She said: "A lot depends on what she knew and didn't know.

"She couldn't be expected to know every single bit of paper that appeared in the background in her red box.