Brits flouting coronavirus rules being reported by neighbours says Police Federation boss

12 April 2020, 09:42

Police Federation chair on neighbours telling on neighbours

By Seán Hickey

People are calling the police to have their neighbours warned for breaking social distancing guidelines according to the Chairman of the Police Federation.

John Apter, Chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales joined Andrew Castle to shed light onto the measures police are taking to enforce lockdown.

Mr. Apter told Andrew that there have been many occasions of police being sent to houses on false alarms, sharing his own experience of answering a call to break up a house party, only to find out on arrival that "there's no party going on".

"People are reporting house parties and unnecessary journeys" he told Andrew. The police chief said that he can understand why people are reporting neighbours although it "may cause tensions in neighbourhoods" after someone is reported for flouting rules by someone they know.

"People are scared" he stated. Mr. Apter said the police force has experienced more people telling on their neighbours because they don't want to be put at risk of catching coronavirus.

There has been an increase in police call-outs to houses believed to be breaking guidelines
There has been an increase in police call-outs to houses believed to be breaking guidelines. Picture: PA

On the subject of the closure of public spaces, Mr. Apter told Andrew that he agrees with the closure of these spaces if people ignore social distancing rules.

"If people ignore rules local authorities are right to act" the Police Federation Chairman said. There has to be some consequence if people are flouting rules in his view.

Mr. Apter warned LBC that if the public don't pay heed to the guidelines then the "government could be forced to tighten up restrictions" and this hopefully will result in people obeying rules more.