Caller stresses importance of rapid testing for care homes

15 November 2020, 10:11

Caller describes just how important testing scheme is for families

By Seán Hickey

This dejected caller described the strain the pandemic has put on his relationship with his mother, and Andrew Castle demanded the Government sort out testing for care homes.

Steve told Andrew Castle that he had been intermittently staying with his mother in her care home until the coronavirus lockdown happened, and noted that the experience has been "absolutely dreadful" for his mental health.

He went on to tell Andrew that his mother contracted and recovered from Covid within a week, but this just tightened restrictions within the home, leading to him missing out on seeing his mother further.

Andrew was speaking to people whose lives would be changed by a rapid testing scheme designed to allow people to physically meet their loved ones in care homes. Steve was pointing out just how taxing the lockdown has been for he and his mother.

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The caller told Andrew that if he is to see his mother during the lockdown he must go "to the back of her room and speak to her through the window," which is difficult during the winter.

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He told Andrew that staff "know that this is hurting people and it's not good for the residents," hinting that a mass testing scheme would benefit countless families.

Andrew was disgusted by the news: "That's the reality. Through a window, waving. Can it really be, at this point in our civilisation that this is how we are dealing with old people?"

He demanded Government "get the tests sorted out. This is a priority, people are dying."