Andrew Castle Can Not Believe We're Still Having To Deal With Anti-Semitism In 2018

31 March 2018, 08:32 | Updated: 31 March 2018, 08:37

Amid the anti-Semitism row within the Labour Party, Andrew Castle was confused why it was still an issue in 2018.

The editor of the Jewish Chronicle provided some levity to the row, by tweeting: "With Good Friday approaching, it would actually be a relief to have some traditional 'the Jews killed Christ' antisemitism."

Andrew said: "It's been a really heavy duty week.

"I can not believe that in 2018 we're dealing with this.

"I can not understand.

"I can not understand why so many young particularly, and on the left, are defending it.

"They think we're just smacking Corbyn, because what? Because he's Jeremy?"

Speaking to Andrew on the phone, Mr Pollard replied: "I think that's it, yes."