Castle Opens Up About Potential Abuse In Tennis

3 December 2016, 10:08 | Updated: 3 December 2016, 10:36

Castle serious

Former UK Number 1 Andrew Castle says that similar abuse to the kind that is suspected to have happened in football may have occurred in tennis.

Talking on his LBC show Andrew said that a similar culture existed in tennis, like that which existed in football. Many people have come forward in recent weeks to allege that they were abused as children by older men in the sport.

"We used to talk in changing rooms and with each other about and you would say and there would be knowing glances that somebody was a bit of a wrong 'un."

“That was just what people lived with it was culture of the time. There's no way I can name names now. There’s no way that even back then I could have pointed the finger and said, that person isn’t right.”

“I wouldn’t have done that publicly because it would have shattered there reputation and it would have cast aspersions on them and their character.”

“Have I got specific examples, was I abused myself. No. Did I hear about things, did we think people weren't right in the game. Absolutely.”

“What we are going to get, football started it, across sport is something so massive. If your going to name names you better gave evidence, but the culture was there, it may still be there and it need to be investigated.”

Watch as Andrew recounts his experiences in the sport in this incredibly powerful video.