Edwina Currie: Hancock is a 'superb' Health Secretary and shouldn't resign

26 June 2021, 11:32

Edwina Currie: Matt Hancock is 'superb' and shouldn't resign

By Seán Hickey

This former Health Minister tells LBC the Health Secretary shouldn't resign in the wake of the scandal he is embroiled in.

"Matt Hancock's been a naughty boy," said former Tory MP and Health Minister Edwina Currie. She told Andrew Castle that despite the current scandal surrounding the Health Secretary, it shouldn't result in his sacking.

"He is an absolutely superb Health [Secretary]" she maintained and assured Andrew that he is still fit for the job.

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"I don't think he should be made to resign at all. I hate the whole idea of government by headlines and government by mob. That just doesn't seem to me the way to do things, it's happened in the past."

She went on to tell LBC that "Matt Hancock has done a cracking good job," especially on vaccinations.

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"We are the most vaccinated country in the world. That, in itself is a very good reason for keeping him" she added.

Despite the assertions of Ms Currie, Andrew wondered whether it is "blooming embarrassing to have to admit this sort of this stuff" and his actions could damage the Government's reputation.

"I am sure that matt hancock and his girlfriend...have had terrible conversations with their families and are feeling very sorry indeed for all of this," she noted.

Ms Currie concluded that the fiasco is "their private business" and shouldn't become the legacy of Matt Hancock.