Health Minister: "Government has a grip on coronavirus"

29 February 2020, 11:47

After news of the first reported transmission of coronavirus in the UK, the health minister was on air to assure the public that the government is focussed on the containment of coronavirus.

Edward Argar, MP for Charnwood joined Andrew Castle to help the public understand the efforts the government are taking to prevent the covid-19 spread.

When quizzed on the Prime Minister's interest and action on the outbreak, Mr. Argar said that the Prime Minister is "taking a close personal interest in this".

"There is no lack of grip or focus on this" the health minister made sure to share. He reassured Andrew that there is serious work being done behind the scenes by his department to contain the virus.

Andrew countered the minister by pointing out how the UK's foreign policy has been less than satisfactory during the spread over the last few months.

The Diamond Princess was quarantined off the Japanese coast
The Diamond Princess was quarantined off the Japanese coast. Picture: PA

"We didn't get the Brits off the diamond Princess while other nations were repatriating their citizens" Andrew pointed out.

He wanted to know whether or not the government was putting too much trust in foreign authorities rather than treating UK citizens at home, especially in the instance of the quarantined Tenerife hotel.

The minister assured that he has "confidence in the Spanish authorities" and the government will work on the recommendation of local health authorities.

Mr. Argar made sure to stress that the work done by his and other ministerial positions is "advice guided by the chief medical officer" and that the government is and will be working based off the advice of health officials.