John Bercow does not deserve a peerage, argues former black rod

29 December 2019, 09:42

The former black rod has accused John Bercow of insulting him "considerably" and does not think he currently deserves a place in the House of Lords.

John Bercow was passed over for an honour - the first time a speaker has had this happen in 230 years.

Lieutenant General David Leakey, who was black rod during Bercow's tenure as speaker, thinks it was the right decision.

He said: "No, I don't think it's a personal insult at all. I think the most important thing about this is that it respects the dignity and authority and the criteria for membership of the House of Lords. A number of quite serious allegations have been made against John Bercow."

Leakey added: "One of the criteria for being a member of the House of Lords is that there must be, when you become a member, no potential for a, I forget what the exact words are, but a sort of stain on your reputation that might transmit into the House of Lords and bring it itself into disrepute.

"One thing which Parliament needs more than more than anything at this stage, after the recent shenanigans, if I can put it that way of the last year or two, is respect."

John Bercow does not deserve a peerage, argues former black rod
John Bercow does not deserve a peerage, argues former black rod. Picture: PA

He continued: "There have been a number of allegations made against John Bercow for his abuse and intimidation, insulting people. He has done that to me.

"He's insulted me very considerably. He's lost his temper and banged the table and jumped about and bawled at me and hurled the the most appalling insults at me. Now, I'm not alone in this."

He also said: "I've seen him losing his rag for for no particular reason with other people too."

Leakey commented: "The point here is that the jury is out on whether Mr. Bercow is a fit person to be in the House of Lords."

He called for a "proper investigation" into the allegations.