Kavanaugh's Senate Hearing Behaviour Matters More Than The Allegations

6 October 2018, 08:42 | Updated: 6 October 2018, 16:29

This sexual assault survivor gives an emotional reason why Kavanaugh's behaviour during Senate committee hearings matters more than the allegations made against him.

Ashley, who was assaulted when she was 16-years-old, said she feels disgusted by proceedings in the United States where Brett Kavanaugh has been questioned by the Senate ahead of a vote on his position in the Supreme Court.

She told Andrew Castle that Mr Kavanaugh should not be confirmed, not because of the allegations, but rather because "his behaviour when he was in the hearing was disgusting."

"There wasn't a single female senator that he didn't interrupt.

"When a female senator spoke to him about his drinking habit, he defensively turned around and asked if she drank too much as well."

The US senate is to vote on whether Brett Kavanaugh should be appointed to the Supreme Court
The US senate is to vote on whether Brett Kavanaugh should be appointed to the Supreme Court. Picture: LBC / PA

Andrew replied: "I don't believe she had any political motivation, but I think there are people around her who do have political motivations.

"This has become a polarised issue: Republican and Democrats."

When Andrew said that it is difficult to penalise somebody when there is no corroborating evidence, she said she agreed, however "but when I saw the senators question him, his behaviour to me was disgusting."

"Whether he's guilty or not guilty, is not the point," she said.

"His behaviour in the hearings was disgusting.

"Even if he didn't assault this woman, even if he didn't do the awful things she's accusing him of doing, how can we put him to the highest court in America when he can't even answer questions in a polite, dignified, kind, and compassionate way?"