Ken Livingstone: Boris Johnson faces leadership battle amid Tory slump

12 September 2021, 09:50

Ken Livingstone predicts Tory leadership challenge on the horizon

By Seán Hickey

The former Mayor of London believes the PM 'doesn't have a political agenda' and will soon be ousted by his backbenchers.

"We've now got the greatest debt this country's had since the Second World War, the economy's not growing, literally Boris [Johnson] doesn't deliver on policies," Ken Livingstone told Andrew Castle.

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His comments come as the PM is reported to be trying to emulate Margaret Thatcher and be in Number 10 for a decade.

The former Mayor of London reminded Andrew that the PM "built a cable car to nowhere" during his time as Mayor, declaring that "Boris isn't really a politician.

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"He wants to be a famous celebrity and dominate the news. He doesn't have a political agenda."

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Mr Livingstone added that the PM generally gets away with his attitude as voters feel like they can "have a chat with him in the pub."

"How long do you think the backbenchers are going to stay with him?" Andrew wondered.

"There'll be the emergence of somebody to replace him and there will be a leadership challenge," Mr Livingstone predicted.

He went on to claim that Mr Johnson "hasn't delivered" on promises and gone back on some election proposals.

"He's not really doing anything!" He concluded.