Nigel Farage: Donald Trump's defeat 'by no means a disaster'

8 November 2020, 10:28

Nigel Farage doesn't think Trump will take election loss lightly

By Seán Hickey

After branding the election defeat 'a temporary setback' for Donald Trump, the leader of the Brexit Party tipped him to run again in 2024.

"Let's be clear about the outcome of this election," Nigel Farage said to Andrew Castle.

"Number one, the Republicans gained seats in the House of Representatives; number 2, they're going to hold power in the Senate...number three, Trump broke into the black vote, the latino vote in a way no modern republican had done before."

"He may have lost but this is by no means a disaster for the Republican party," Mr Farage confirmed.

Andrew wondered, while Joe Biden has been confirmed as the US President-elect "how can Biden-Harris bring the country back together," following the division of the past four years.

Mr Farage argued that the Democrats "never accepted the legitimacy of his election," and that bridge will be difficult to rebuild.

"According to the establishment in America, there was fraud in the election in 2016, but none this time."

The Brexit Party leader told LBC that there are positives to take from this year's election
The Brexit Party leader told LBC that there are positives to take from this year's election. Picture: PA

On how President Trump tapped into the black and latino votes, Andrew wondered if Joe Biden can "speak to those people in an effective manner."

Mr Farage worried that the introduction of further coronavirus lockdowns in the US "will be a short term problem with those people," who may struggle financially.

"America doesn't have the same safety nets, the same size of welfare state," he pointed out.

Andrew coaxed the Brexit Party Leader, wondering which Trump would run for office next. "If Donald J. Trump runs again in 2024, he'll be younger than Joe Biden is now," Mr Farage reminded Andrew.

"He doesn't believe in defeat," he added, tipping the incumbent to run for the presidency in 2024.