Parent: I Can Afford To Feed My Child, So Should You

17 February 2018, 09:30

After a council in Scotland announced that it was planning to provide free meals to children 365 days a year to children from low-income families, Hannah rang in "shaking with rage."

Hannah couldn't believe that some parents couldn't afford food considering that every parent is entitled to child benefits. She said, "please do not tell me you cannot afford food when money is set aside for your child."

She continued, "I get £80 a month for my daughter, as does every other parent." She asked other parents "why can you not afford to feed your children?"

Andrew Castle
Andrew Castle. Picture: LBC

Hannah continued that she "doesn't smoke, I don't drink, I have someday when I have no money in my purse, but my cupboard is full, my Oyster is topped up and my child is clothed." She said she couldn't understand why children were going hungry when "a box of cereal costs two pounds."

She pleaded, "please don't tell me you can't afford to feed your children when I see people smoking roll-ups, or having a beer on the weekend."

Hannah said that she would happily "provide" for her daughter "before me."