Rude Remainer Rings Up To Complain About "Silly" Brexiteers

17 February 2018, 07:57

During a discussion about security and the EU, David rang in to give Andrew Castle a piece of his mind.

Brexit, Brexit, Brexit, nothing seems to boil the blood of the British public like the referendum but for on caller not only does Brexit boil his blood, it also seems as though he's lost his manners along the way.

David started complaining about the "arrogance" and "tosh" he was hearing on LBC this morning. He said that after "Brexit this country will be treated as a foreign power." 

Andrew Castle
Andrew Castle. Picture: LBC

But things quickly seemed to go off the rails. David seemed to suggest that "they" would decide whether Andrew Castle was a security risk solely based on his radio show output. When Andrew asked who David meant by "they," he replied, "the EU, who do you think I'm talking about?"

David went on to say that he was "sick and tired of people like you" talking about the EU as though it was one of "your own employees."

He finished by saying that he was looking forward to "people who phone your programmes with silly comments returning to reality."