Salon owner pulls "toxic" gossip magazines from shop

22 February 2020, 11:14 | Updated: 22 February 2020, 11:15

A Dublin hairdresser has boycotted gossip magazines, and she's not the first to do so.

In the wake of Caroline Flack's suicide, Andrew Castle had Anita from Dublin on air to talk about how she felt she needed to make a stand against the negativity these magazines spread.

"It's not newsworthy journalism" Anita said. She stressed that her salon still carries newspapers and magazines she feels are quality journalism.

Andrew agreed with Anita's stance while sharing his own experience with the magazines. "It's women being critical of other women" he claimed.

Anita went further to say that the publications are nothing more than slander.

Andrew and Anita agreed on the negativity of gossip magazines
Andrew and Anita agreed on the negativity of gossip magazines. Picture: PA

Andrew prodded Anita to question the role of the magazines. He pointed out that people want to read these magazines to see who's "getting off with who" on Strictly or during I'm a Celebrity but Anita made it clear that she in fact isn't particularly interested in the lives of celebrities, but understands the draw of the magazines.

"As human beings we're nosey" she admitted, yet maintained the view that the content of the medium is wrong.

On the subject of Caroline Flack's suicide, its clear that "there's a line being crossed" in the eyes of Anita.

To finish the chat, Anita posed a question to Andrew on what will happen if we continue to tolerate toxic reportage.

"Journalism has got a place but when it goes over this line, like, where are we going as humans?"