'Well done to the government for fine organisation': Andrew Castle's sarcastic response to Bibby Stockholm evacuation

12 August 2023, 16:37

Andrew Castle reacts after Bibby Stockholm evacuation

By Grace Parsons

Andrew Castle's sarcastic response to the government's "fine organisation" after the Bibby Stockholm barge was evacuated following traces of Legionella being detected onboard.

Following on from the migrant evacuation of the Bibby Stockholm barge, Andrew Castle sarcastically congratulates the government for their "really fine organisation".

Asylum seekers aboard the barge have been moved off after Legionella bacteria was detected in the water supply.

Andrew said: "Well done to the government, once again, for really fine organisation. Well done to the Home Office this morning.

"Move people on [to the barge], turns out the barge has got this bacteria on it. They should have tested and they moved people onto the barge knowing that they hadn't had the results back."

He continued to say: "This is all because it's 'Stop the Boats' week... no wonder Labour are sitting there going, 'Thank you, there's another five-point lead or five further points.'"

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UKIP Leader: 'I am anti-illegal migrants'

Later on in the show, Andrew challenged UKIP leader Neil Hamilton on his stance on migrants.

Mr Hamilton stated: "I'm not anti-migrant, I'm anti-illegal migrants. But, yes, UKIP wants to scrap the European Convention on Human Rights and the UN Refugee Conventions, both of which were written in the immediate post-war period."

He went on further: "It's our country. They want to come here. They come here on our terms, not theirs and if they don't like it they can go somewhere else."

Andrew questioned: "So what would you do? Would you push the boats back? Would you puncture them?"

The UKIP leader clarified: "No, I wouldn't puncture them, but I would certainly try to push the boats back."

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