Shadow Trade Sec attacks 'complacent' Government's pandemic response

24 October 2020, 12:06

Shadow Intl Trade Sec urges 'complacent' Government to control virus

By Seán Hickey

Amid fears of a medicine shortage as a result of a second wave of coronavirus, the Shadow International Trade Secretary stated that the Government cannot be lazy in its response.

Emily Thornberry, Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade told Andrew Castle that there will be severe consequences if the Government don't replenish stockpiles of medication which have depleted greatly during the pandemic.

The Labour MP for Islington South and Finsbury told Andrew that "it was important last year to have a stockpile, it's important this year to have a stockpile."

She added that "it's even more important to have a stockpile because we're in the middle of a - or at the beginning of a second wave of Covid."

"We cannot be complacent about this and we cannot be lazy and we can't be not doing our job properly which is what they've been doing."

The Shadow Trade Secretary warned against complacency in the fight against Covid-19
The Shadow Trade Secretary warned against complacency in the fight against Covid-19. Picture: PA

Following outrage over the particularities of the Welsh lockdown Andrew wondered if Ms Thornberry supported First Minister Mark Drakeford's actions.

Addressing the confusion over the banning of purchase of "non-essential" items in Wales, Ms Thornberry accepted "there are a number of short term issues" in Wales and it will take time to get the response right.

She accepted that lockdown "probably needs to be revisited" in Wales as pressure grows on the devolved administration.

The Shadow International Trade Secretary concluded by backing up the Welsh Government, adding that a two week circuit break is "absolutely a thing we should be doing across England, Wales and Scotland.

We think this is the way to get in front of the virus because at the moment we are losing in terms of losing in our economy but we are also losing in terms of infection rates going up."

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