Tackling Knife Crime: How One Man 'Got Out'

30 July 2017, 09:02

"I was stabbed with knives, scissors, broken bottle and all sorts of things" said this caller who shared his past experience with Andrew and how he "got out".

'Dan' (not his real name) told Andrew "you've got to leave the area, you've got to go. It's the only answer," he said.

He also said banning knives would not be the answer since those involved would still find other items to use as weapons.

'Dan' said he used to be a youth worker but they got "rid" of him because of his criminal record. He added "These kids are not going to listen to anyone from the government.

"If we need people to speak to these kinds it has to be people coming from that background," he told LBC.

He was speaking following reports that nearly one in four shops is breaking the law on under-age knife sales, with blades sold to children as young as 12.