"Theresa May Is Living On Borrowed Time"

7 October 2017, 09:50

David Wooding tells Andrew Castle the Prime Minister's life force is all but spent.

It's reported concerns about Theresa May's leadership have led EU negotiators to step up talks with Labour.

The Daily Telegraph claims there's been a 'significant change in tone' from Brussels towards the opposition.

Andrew Castle asked David Wooding this morning how long the Prime Minister would survive.

The Sun on Sunday's Political Editor replied: "The truth is she's living on borrowed time now. You've got lot's of stumbling blocks to come all along the way.

"The budget in November, talks with the EU and the local elections in May which isn't really that for off.

"We were told one more mistake and she was out. We had that mistake at the party conference. None of it can be seen as her problem, but she had a cold perhaps the mistake there was she should've taken a rest.

"It was seen as a metaphor for everything that's wrong with her and the party. The message crumbling behind her back. People walking up onto stage, flouting security to present her with a P45."

Watch the full clip above.